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To look for and to register dominion:

What offers .net Dominions to me?
To have the registry of its own dominion offers numerous advantages. The dominions are easy to remember for their clients and entail the great prestige. In order to obtain more data on the registry and lodging of dominions más>>> beats in the connection

Dominions .tel
.net dominions already .tel has information on the launching of the dominions thought to keep the information from contact of its company. More information on dominions .tel

Dominions .eu
Abierto to the registry for the new dominions .eu it stops generally for the public, registers his dominion of the European Union before they take off it. More information to visit Registry of dominions the EU

Dominions .cat
Or this abierto registry of dominions .cat, dominos exclusively for which they are expressed in Catalan or that esten directly related to the promotion of the Catalan language. More information on dominions .cat

Dominions .mobi
.net dominions already .mobi has information on the launching of the dominions dedicated to the pages done especially for movable devices. More information on dominions .mobi

ClassicWeb offers a service to him of transactions online of VirtualCash, credit cards and 4B, so that it can integrate electronic commerce in his dominion. más>>

It visits our PLANET STORE to see an example of our carts of purchase that can install in its dominions.


Economic space
If it does not need his own dominion, we can provide 10 to him Mbs in a URL of the type: más>>>


He makes money distributing our dominions and different products, more >>>

The dominions come with several preinstalled programs cgi, as a book of visits for their dominion, FormMail, Web mail and an accountant of visits for their pages.
more >>>

If it needs much space in hard disk lodging, several dominions, or wants more control and security on its dominions, we can offer its own UNIX servant to him. More >>>


ClassicWeb has preparations packages predesigned for its dominions, adaptable to its needs. If its project prefers mándenos and we will elaborate a budget to size to him. más>>>

Pack 1
Pack 2
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